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Hasbro agisce contro Asus per presunta violazione del marchio “transformer prime”

Toy maker Hasbro is suing Asus, claiming that naming Asus’s latest tablet the Transformer Prime is in violation of Hasbro’s brand copyright. In a statement, Hasbro asserted that ASUS was effectively banking on association with the legendary animated show, comics, and toys to sell the Transformer Prime. Last rumors suggest that because of the recent popularity of the movie franchise, Hasbro could argue that Asus was banking on the popularity of the Transformer franchise to sell a few more tablets. Companies in different industries are allowed to use similar named products without violating copyright law if the industries are essentially mutually exclusive, meaning company A is not benefiting financially from the name trademarked by company B. While Asus may be counting on the clear difference between a tablet and Hasbro’s line as a legal safety net, the diversity of Hasbro’s range may create enough of a conflict to force a name change.

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